Course Catalog

Disciplinary Procedures for Other Misconduct

If an act of misconduct threatens the health or well-being of any member of the academic community or seriously disrupts the function and good order of the College, an employee or administrative officer may direct the student(s) involved to cease such conduct and advise them that failing to cease and desist will result in immediate suspension. If the student(s) fails to comply with the directions, the instructor or administrator may then excuse the student(s) from the class or activity. The Dean of Student Services or another administrative officer may suspend the student(s) from either the class or the College until a resolution of the matter can be made.

The college official invoking such action is required to notify the Dean of Student Services and the assigned Clinton Police Officer in writing of the individual(s) involved and the nature of the infraction immediately. In order to provide an orderly procedure for handling student disciplinary cases in accordance with due process, the Dean of Student Services, or an appointed designee, is responsible for conducting such investigation as necessary and appropriate to determine the accuracy of the allegation(s) of misconduct and for handling the judicial procedures associated with the hearings and possible sanctions. All persons involved in reported incidents of misconduct are expected to comply with requests for information and to assist in any investigation.

The Dean of Student Services will notify the parties involved of the alleged misconduct and complete an investigation within five (5) business days after the charge is filed. The accused may be permitted to attend classes and participate in campus activities during the course of the investigation unless his or her presence poses an immediate or imminent threat to the safety and well-being of the campus community. The Dean will meet with all parties involved to present the findings of the investigation. If a party cannot be reached to schedule an appointment or refuses to cooperate, he or she will be notified of the outcome in writing. The Dean will send a certified letter to the address on record providing a list of the charges, the imposed sanction, and instructions governing the appeal process.

After concluding the investigation of misconduct, the Dean may act as follows:

  1. Drop the charges.
  2. Impose a sanction consistent with those described in the levels of sanctions below.