Course Catalog


Administration, Faculty & Staff


Brittany Adams

Instructor, Science

Jacqueline Ammons

Instructor, Nursing

Alexandria “Allie” Apperson

Division Chair, Health Programs


Emily Avery

Instructor, Medical Assisting


Jennifer Barnes

Financial Aid Assistant


Arlene Barrow


Chester “Chet” Bass

Department Chair/Instructor, Agricultural Technologies

Michael Blankenship

Director of Information Technology/Chief Information Officer

Edwin Boone


Larry Boone


Mary Bordeaux


Julia “Amanda” Bradshaw

Dean of Workforce Development & Continuing Education

Nancy Brake

Instructor, Life Sciences

Holly Brewington

Coordinator of Special Populations & Testing


Ashton Brown

Instructor, Nursing

Emily Brown

Director of Institutional & Student Success

Mark Brown

Instructor, Welding Technology


Tammy Bryant

Lead Instructor, Truck Driver Training

Sarah Burgin

Instructor, Psychology


Adam Butler

Instructor, Mathematics

Katelynn “Katie” Butler

Department Chair/Instructor, Human Services Technology

Sue Butler

Aide/Driver, ACE

Erin Cain

Director of College & Career Readiness


Megan Callahan

Instructor, Nursing

Jamie Cannady

Student Success Coordinator

Laura Carraway

Instructor, English

Melissa Carter

WD&CE Administrative Assistant


Susanne Carter

Instructor, Early Childhood

Kristina Cashwell

Instructor, Nursing

Carol Chambers

Bookstore Manager/Auxiliary Services Coordinator


Patsy Cook

Instructor, Truck Driver Training


Sheila Daughtry

Instructor, Nursing

Jolly Davila

Support Staff, CCR

Kimberly “Kim” Davis

Assistant to the Director of Financial Aid

James “Jim” DeMay

Director of Public Safety

Jennifer Eavenson

Division Chair, Arts & Sciences

Department Chair, Math & Science

Amelia Elmore

Director of Enrollment

Stephen Evans

Department Chair/Instructor, Welding

Melissa Ezzell

Instructor, Mathematics


Janna “Jan” Faison

CCR Advisor

Bonnie Fann

Instructor, ACE

Brett Feight

Director of Marketing


Lawrence Fennell

Instructor, Truck Driver Training

Anthony Fiorito

Director of Transportation Programs

Jason Frazier

Instructor, English


Juandalynn Freeman-Sankey

Instructor, Education

Jose Garcia

Bilingual Recruiter

Carla Garcia-Colin

Department Chair/Instructor, Construction Trades

Lorena Garcia-Colin

Cashier/Finance Office Assistant

Robin Goodman

Instructor, Truck Driver Training

Barney Grady

Division Chair, Construction, Agricultural, Public Service & Information Technologies

Darryl Grady

Director of Security

Jacob Gregory

Instructor, HVAC/Refrigeration & Electrical

Nancy Gump

Instructor, CCR

Anna “Blair” Hairr

Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs


Rebecca Hall

Instructor, Nursing

Charis “Jordan” Harter

Enrollment Specialist

Benita Hayes

Department Chair/Instructor, Office Administration/Medical Office Administration


Suzzan Hayes

Instructor, Cosmetology

Kim Hinson

HVAC/General Maintenance Technician

Britt Honeycutt

Department Chair/Instructor, English & Communication

Lauren Huskey

Department Chair/Instructor, Business & Accounting


Ebonique Ingram

High School Career Coach

Kelly Jackson

Vice President of Finance & Administration   

Susan Jernigan

Instructor, Mathematics

Emily Johnson

Instructor, English

Anita Jones

Division Secretary, Arts & Sciences

Leanne Jones

Coordinator/Instructor, Unlicensed Healthcare Programs

Loreta Jones

Department Chair/Instructor, Cosmetology

Nicole Jordan

Payroll Officer/Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Wanda Kenny

Distance Learning/Learning Resource Center Navigator

Durwood King

Instructor, Industrial Systems/Industrial Maintenance

Josiah King

Instructor, Art

Thomas “Casey” Knowles

Instructor, History

Stephen Locklear

Coordinator of Transportation Programs/Instructor/Weekday Lead, Truck Driver Training

Kenny Lynch


Angela Magill

Department Chair–EMS/Coordinator/Instructor, EMS

Caleb “Cal” Mason

Instructor, Business/Accounting


Luke Matthews

Instructor, Industrial Technologies

Cheryl Merritt

Accounts Payable Coordinator/Payroll Specialist

Jacob Miller

Department Chair/Instructor, HVAC/Refrigeration & Electrical

Michelle Milliken

Director of Learning Resource Center

Matthew “Tristan” Millen

Network Administrator


Valerie Miller

Instructor, Nursing


Robin Montpeirous



Katelyn O’Neal

WD&CE Support Specialist

Morgan Odum

Instructor, Nursing


Natalie Oliver

Instructor, Nursing

Billie “Jo” Pittman


Marion Pope

Director of Distance Learning

Marleen Powell

Director of Financial Aid

Waldyn Ramirez

Coordinator of ESL & Digital Literacy Initiative

Bart Rice

Director of Business & Industry

Naomi Rivera

CTE Success Coach

Edith Rogers

Division Secretary, Construction, Industrial, Agricultural, Public Service & Information Technologies

Joy Rogers

Instructor, Communications

Marvin Rondon

Dean of Student Services

Stanley “Alonza” Royal

Director of Healthcare & HRD

Ryan Rutherford

Director of Facility Services

Shelley Ryals

Learning Resource Center Coordinator

Karen Sadvary

Director of Internal Controls


Meagan Sessoms

Administrative Assistant/SGA Advisor


Chris Shatley

Instructor, Welding

Kayla Shatley

Director of Financial Services

Lucinda “Cindy” Shillady

Instructor, Biology

Pharris Shirley

Instructor, Cosmetology

William “Bill” Starling



Thomas “Tom” Staton


Kim Stroud

Cashier/Finance Office Assistant

Frankie Sutter

Director of Human Resources

Stephanie Springs

Department Chair/Instructor, Nursing/Program Director

William Sykes

Lead Instructor, EMS


Heather Testerman

Instructor, Nursing

Kim Testerman

CCR Support Specialist

Lisa Turlington

Dean of Advancement

Allie Turner

Lead Instructor, ACE

John Turner

Clinical Coordinator/Instructor, EMS

Ricky Tyree

Instructor, Information Technology

Brenda Wallace


Angela “Angie” Warner

Planning and Research Coordinator


Dylan Warner

Advancement Coordinator


Ma’Ishia Weeks

Administrative Assistant, Health Programs


Ga Ming West

WD&CE Registrar

Sharon West

Division Secretary, Education, Business & Human Services Technologies

Shavonia West

Instructor, Cosmetology

Aleta Whaley

Director of Continuing Education

Crystal White

Department Chair/Instructor, Social Sciences & Humanities

Austin Williams

Information Systems Administrator

Jennifer Williams

Instructor, Spanish

Nathan Williford

Bookstore/Auxiliary Services Assistant

Misti Wood

Department Chair/Instructor, Medical Assisting

Deborah “Renee” Woods

Purchasing Agent